Dispute Prevention

Disputes damage business relationships, increase costs, delay the Works, and degrade cash flow and profit; they are often magnified by interpersonal conflict; the probability and severity of disputes can be systematically reduced using well-understood techniques. My interventions have included:

  • assisting Parties to draft and negotiate clear, concise, workable contracts
  • assisting Parties to enter into, and implement, formal Partnering arrangements, as with NEC’s Option X12 and Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway contracts
  • acting as a Dispute Resolution Advisor, including on troubled contracts with multiple levels of subcontracting; selection of Dispute Resolution Advisors; assisting a Party to argue its case before Dispute Resolution Advisors
  • providing Neutral Assessment of claims, claim responses and contemplated disputes – helping Parties to better prepare for a dispute, to modify the scope of a dispute, to settle an impending dispute, or occasionally to refrain from initiating a dispute altogether