Time, Methods & People

For the Works to be completed as specified, on time and within budget, programmes, methods, and testing-&-commissioning regimes need to work, timely approvals need to be obtained, and the Project Team needs the interpersonal, managerial and technical skills to get the job done. My expediting and troubleshooting interventions have included:

  • preparing, reviewing, updating, rectifying and obtaining approvals of programmes, methods, equipment and materials, and related submissions; obtaining permits and interface accommodations for the Works
  • delay and disruption recovery; acceleration; risk assessment and mitigation
  • temporarily filling managerial, commercial and technical roles in Client organizations; facilitating working relationships and communication, particularly across cultural and language barriers
  • mediation and rectification of personnel non-performance, substance abuse and mistress issues
  • quickly getting difficult and/or unpleasant tasks done right (eg installation of sensitive vibration monitoring equipment in a foul sewer running half full, so adjacent tunnel blasting could resume; replacing a project’s fleet of specialist plant which was unsuitable to progress the Works)