In Arbitration, a Tribunal of one or three Arbitrators decides the dispute on the basis of the contract, the law, the evidence, Expert Opinion and the arguments of the advocates (ie, as in Litigation) and issues an Award which is binding upon the Parties not only in the jurisdiction in which it is issued (ie as in Litigation) but, via the New York Convention and related legislation, in most other jurisdictions in the World. The Tribunal can be chosen by the Parties and/or appointed by an arbitral institution or a court.

I have served as an Arbitrator through to Final Award in:

  • a dispute involving four Parties, none of whom had signed the arbitration agreement being relied upon (a legally complex situation)
  • a dispute involving multiple concurrent delays and disruptions to the Works
  • a dispute over some US$ 10 million involving multiple extremely technical issues
My Arbitration studies and work have embraced both Common and Civil Law.