Mediation & Conciliation

In Mediation, a Neutral person assists the Parties to negotiate the resolution of their differences and the means of resolving any difference which remains at the end of the Mediation, and to sign a Settlement Agreement. In Conciliation, the Neutral person may additionally formally recommend to the Parties the resolution of any difference which remains at the end of the Conciliation. In both procedures, the Parties are unconstrained by the contract between them, and may appoint the Neutral to convert their Settlement Agreement into an arbitration Consent Award which facilitates implementation and finality.

I have served as the Neutral, or for a Party, in:

  • commercial disputes involving up to US$ 300 million, up to 9 Parties, and up to 4 nations / cultures
  • workplace disputes regarding employee underperformance, substance abuse and mistress outplacement
  • non-government organization disputes involving leadership and process